Donor Eggs & Sperm

Donor Eggs and Sperm Service, offered at Beginnings Assisted Conception Unit, is a specialised program designed to provide comprehensive assistance to individuals and couples who require donor eggs or sperm to overcome their fertility challenges. With our commitment to personalised care and utilising advanced reproductive technologies, we aim to help patients fulfill their dream of starting or expanding their family.

Our team of medical expert will help you to explore different avenues to explore different gamete donation agencies, provide advice on the process of selecting a compatible egg donor, coordinate the necessary process to under IVF treatment with donor eggs or sperm, and ensuring a seamless journey from A to Z.

We maintain a reputable network of screened sperm donors, enabling patients to choose a donor who aligns with their preferences and requirements. Our team assists patients in selecting a suitable sperm donor and supports them throughout the insemination or other fertility treatment process utilising donor sperm.

We are dedicated to helping individuals and couples overcome their fertility challenges by providing access to high-quality IVF treatment with donor gametes. Our goal is to support our patients in their journey towards parenthood, offering personalized care, cutting-edge technologies, and compassionate guidance every step of the way.

Treatment Funding

NHS-funded treatment

The  integrated care board (ICB), where your GP is based, is responsible for your NHS healthcare costs. Each ICB receives limited funds from central government, which means that it has to set its own priorities. Some ICBs do fund IVF, but usually to a limited extent. Others do not fund IVF at all. ICBs set their own criteria for treatment to which the assisted conception unit at St Helier Hospital must adhere. If you live within the Merton, Sutton and Wandsworth area and are registered with a GP, you may be eligible for NHS-funded treatment, provided you meet their eligibility criteria.

Self-funded treatment

You may wish to fund your own treatment if your ICB does not fund IVF, or if you do not wish to wait for funding, or if you are not eligible for NHS funding.

We describe the treatment as ‘self-funded’ rather than ‘private’ because the treatment is exactly the same as for patients funded by the NHS. The charges we make are non-profit-making: they are only to cover treatment cost.

All income from self-funded patients is invested back into the NHS IVF programme.

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Fertility nurses:
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