Assisted Conception

The Beginnings Assisted Conception Unit strives to be a centre of excellence providing high quality assisted conception treatments to both NHS funded and self funding patients.

We offer a wide range of assisted conception treatments including:

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF): IVF involves the fertilisation of an egg with sperm in a laboratory setting. The resulting embryos are then transferred to the woman's uterus. IVF is suitable for various infertility causes, including blocked fallopian tubes, low sperm count, advanced maternal age, or unexplained infertility.

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI): ICSI is a technique used in conjunction with IVF. It involves injecting a single sperm directly into an egg to facilitate fertilisation. ICSI is typically recommended when there are severe male fertility issues, such as low sperm count or poor sperm motility.

Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT): PGT is a procedure performed during IVF to screen embryos for genetic disorders or chromosomal abnormalities. It helps select the healthiest embryos for transfer, reducing the risk of certain genetic conditions or miscarriages.

Our team will help you explore your treatment wishes, design an individualized treatment that best suits your health and treatment needs, and offer support at every step of the way. We support patient through the assisted conception treatment journey as follows:
Initial Evaluation: The first step in IVF is an initial evaluation with a fertility specialist. During this appointment, your medical history, lifestyle factors, and any previous fertility treatments will be discussed. You may undergo various diagnostic tests, such as blood work, ultrasound, and semen analysis, to assess your reproductive health.

Post-embryo transfer care and Pregnancy Test: Approximately 2 weeks after the embryo transfer, a blood test is performed to check for pregnancy. If the test is positive, an appointment will be made for a transvaginal ultrasound scan to check the viability of the pregnancy.

If the test is negative, your fertility specialist will discuss further options and alternatives with you.

It's important to note that the IVF process can vary from person to person, and your fertility specialist will create a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. They will guide you through each step of the process, address any concerns you may have, and provide emotional support throughout your IVF journey.

Remember, the success rates of IVF can vary depending on factors such as age, overall health, and the specific fertility issues being addressed. Your fertility specialist will provide you with personalised information regarding your chances of success based on your individual circumstances.

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Treatment Funding

NHS-funded treatment

The  integrated care board (ICB), where your GP is based, is responsible for your NHS healthcare costs. Each ICB receives limited funds from central government, which means that it has to set its own priorities. Some ICBs do fund IVF, but usually to a limited extent. Others do not fund IVF at all. ICBs set their own criteria for treatment to which the assisted conception unit at St Helier Hospital must adhere. If you live within the Merton, Sutton and Wandsworth area and are registered with a GP, you may be eligible for NHS-funded treatment, provided you meet their eligibility criteria.

Self-funded treatment

You may wish to fund your own treatment if your ICB does not fund IVF, or if you do not wish to wait for funding, or if you are not eligible for NHS funding.

We describe the treatment as ‘self-funded’ rather than ‘private’ because the treatment is exactly the same as for patients funded by the NHS.

The charges we make are non-profit-making: they are only to cover treatment cost. All income from self-funded patients is invested back into the NHS IVF programme.

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