Dr Dimitri Kalleas

Graphic Designer

The Beginnings ACU Embryology team is led by our highly experienced Laboratory Manager and consists of HCPC registered clinical embryologists and those working towards registration, all with extensive IVF experience from around the world. The laboratory is also an accredited Embryologist training unit, and we currently have two trainees on the Scientific Training Programme (STP); we are proud to support and develop the future generation of embryologists and you may be asked about your consent to training during your cycle to help support their training needs.

We are a small, friendly team, who fully embrace the NHS constitution of putting patients at the forefront of everything we do. We strive to improve laboratory processes and continually review protocols and new emerging technology to improve patient outcomes. The latest addition in the laboratory is the Embryoscope, which uses time-lapse imaging to continually record embryos as they develop, so embryologists can make informed decisions on the best embryos for your treatment, whilst they remain safe in the incubator.

The embryology team will be on hand to talk you through all the laboratory steps from the day of egg collection, through embryo development and up to transfer or embryo freezing. We will always assess each couple individually and ensure you get the best treatment for you.